Year 4 have had an excellent start to the academic year and have been in full swing with our projects.

We loved our first Class Story of the year ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, which we adapted in to a script ready to perform and record in the studio. The story also linked closely with our artwork which was based on Quentin Blake and involved exploring different media.

Our work with scripts helped us prepare for Harvest Festival where we sang and performed, the children particularly enjoyed learning the new songs. All the children worked hard to remember all their lines and moved around the stage to add actions to their words. The children were able to work together to ensure the performance went smoothly and supported each other to remember all the scenes. It was a fantastic performance and all the children should be proud. 

In other projects we have researched significant famous women throughout history and across the globe that have had an impact on the current society. We have delved into what sustainability is and created posters to represent our learning; looked at measure in maths, climate zones in geography and in science we are carrying out many exciting investigations and experiments on digestion and teeth.

It has been a fun and full half term and we are looking forward to the next one!

BCPS Y4 01BCPS Y4 Harvest 01