Year 2 have had a wonderful start to the year, we have been history detectives finding out about disasters and triumphs! We began our research by looking at a number of events such as World War II, the Ancient Greek Olympics and the first man on the moon. We then researched the Great Fire of London, finding out about the events that led to the spread of the fire as well as learning about key figures such as Samuel Pepys. We learnt about Tudor houses from 1666 and the materials that they were made of which led to them catching fire easily. Then we tested some materials and used the results to build our own Tudor houses which included features such as black timber beams and thatched roofs!

We continued to use our skills to work collaboratively as Scientists to investigate materials and their properties. This included testing materials in order to build our Great Fire of London escape boats. After drawing a detailed design and building our models using the materials that we carefully selected, we tested them to see if they would float or sink!

We have also been exploring our Healthy Living project. We have discussed the different food groups and the children have used their knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods to design and label their own healthy plates. We then created healthy living booklets to share the information with other children to show them how to lead a healthy life. As part of the project the children had the chance to make their own fruit kebabs and healthy smoothies to taste and enjoy.

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