Year 1 had a great time at Bicton Park and Gardens. We took part in lots of activities throughout the day and were lucky with the beautiful sunshine. First, we all rode on the train which took us around the park. While going around we used a checklist and numbers to look about to see what we could spot. Alex said “this is the best day ever” as we were riding the train.

We met the gardener, Nevil, who taught us all about different pollinators and their importance. He taught us about the different parts of the plants and the best conditions for planting seeds. We all had the opportunity to choose a seed, plant it and then take it home to look after. We are looking forward to seeing how our seeds grow over the coming weeks! We then went on a trail where we walked around the gardens, looking for different pollinators. We found ants, bees and butterflies.

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the Countryside museum, where we learnt all about transport through time and the importance of farming to the community. We were lucky enough to visit the outdoor park too, where everyone enjoyed playing with their friends in the sunshine. Joshua agreed it was “the best day ever” and Barnie said “I loved today”.

BCPS 1 Bicton 01BCPS 1 Bicton 02