Last week, Year 2 visited Paignton Zoo as part of their ‘Animals and Habitats’ summer term project. We started the day with a welcome talk, where the Zookeeper told us lots of interesting facts about the animals that lived in the Zoo. We then started exploring the different enclosures and saw a huge variety of animals. These included giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, flamingos and even a baby zebra! 

We had a fantastic time exploring the reptile tropics and crocodile swamp. In the desert house, the children were able to recognise the different animals and plants we have learnt about this term. After lunch, we were lucky enough to have a talk from one of the zookeepers, telling us all about the giant tortoises at the Zoo, which can live up to 180 years old!  

We had such an amazing day, Rose even said it was “the best day ever!” It was a fantastic opportunity to extend the knowledge they had already acquired so far this term, and to see some amazing animals up close.

BCPS Y2 Zoo 01BCPS Y2 Zoo 03BCPS Y2 Zoo 05BCPS Y2 Zoo 06