Amy Harris Year NCarly Newcombe Nursery Key WorkerThe Nursery has a successful team providing excellent care and education. Miss Amy Harris, Nursery Lead, works alongside Mrs Carly Newcombe, Nursery Deputy, and a wider team of support staff. Amy is part of our Foundation Stage teaching team, alongside Mrs Tonia Dudley, Miss Rachel Smith and Miss Katie Sandercock.



Supporting Amy and Carly in the Nursery are a number of key workers. Our Nursery keyworkers will oversee the development of their key children group in the seven areas of learning and development through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

In order, our Nursery keyworkers are Nikki Bates, Karenza Cordery, Nicola Evans, Eleanor Grummitt, Daisy Lovett, Charlotte Trestrail and Lauren Alford.

Nikki Bates Nursery Key WorkerKarenza Cordery Nursery Key WorkerNicola Evans Nursery Key WorkerEleanor Grummitt Nursery Key WorkerDaisy Lovett Nursery Key WorkerCharlotte Trestrail Nursery Key WorkerLauren Alford Teaching Assistant